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Sarah Higgins will maximise your performance and profit with bespoke 121 Corporate/Executive Coaching and Leadership Team development.

How will you implement Power of Love Leadership®? Find out in my workshops

Power of Love Leadership® –
For Leaders of Teams
Power of Love Leadership® –
For Independent Coaches & Consultants
Power of Love Leadership® –
For Career & Life Success
Power of Love Leadership® –
For People & OD Leaders

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Sarah will support you to grow both your own and/or your team’s effectiveness, maximise your ability to meet business objectives, therefore increasing your success, performance and profit.

Do you want to develop your leaders and/or your leadership team?
Do you notice that at your senior level, it is a very lonely place?
Do you or your leaders face challenges in leading teams to maximise performance?
Do you need to differentiate your business, provide excellence and be exceptional?
Are you dissatisfied with either your own or the team’s performance or effectiveness?
Do you rarely get honest feedback or time to evaluate your effectiveness?
Have you invested in leadership development already but you want to continue to challenge and develop your leaders to drive performance and ensure ongoing results from your investment?

Why have Corporate/ Executive/ Leadership Coaching?

Sarah assists you to: Notice results in just 1 hour.

Identify the barriers that are stopping you from getting the results you want.

Have significant realisations about what’s not working and how to resolve issues.

Examine the impact of your behaviour and whether it is limiting you, your team’s and therefore your business performance.

Make decisions about what needs to be done to maximise success.

What are the Benefits?



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Sarah is very impressive at what she does. We have used her as a coach to a number of our key individuals for a few months now and she shows great insight in understanding people’s issues and in helping them to achieve better results. She is also one of the friendliest and most supportive people I have come across in a long time.
Andrew Payton

Finance Director, Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

Power Of Love Leadership

Discover the Power of Love Leadership® and let it show you a more successful way to lead.

Embrace the love-based strategies to deliver increased engagement, creativity and performance.