About Sarah Higgins

Sarah Higgins will maximise your performance and profit with bespoke 121 Corporate/Executive Coaching and Leadership Team development.


Education, Qualifications & Professional

What Sarah's clients say:

“Her authenticity, expertise and many year’s experience were life-changing for both our organisation and for us as individuals. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. She’s become part of our family – who has your very best interests at heart and who isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions so you and your team can be the best you can be” Ava Easton – CEO Encephalitis Society


“Sarah is the best leadership coach I have ever worked with” Andrew Payton, Finance Director, Loughborough Building Society


“Our work with Sarah has been life-changing – we now have a senior strategic team which is working much more effectively and and this is critical to the future of our business. Sarah gets to the heart of the issues quickly, asking the right questions and posing the best challenges” Chris White, Chair of Board of Trustees at Open Thinking Partnership


“What I love about Sarah’s coaching is that she truly commits to you. She is motivational and inspirational. She cares about your success and continuously goes above and beyond to ensure you see noticeable change and subsequent positive impact in your organisation. Her coaching is an invaluable and transformational experience” Samantha Johnson, Senior Principal, Korn Ferry

My Values



My goal is to help you be as successful as you want to be and I will support you in getting the results you want.



If you want things to be better or different – I will challenge you to make decisions to achieve that change.



You may not like the ‘mirror’ that I hold up to you, but you will value my honesty because I am helping you achieve results that work for you.



In a confidential setting, I will assist you to have realisations that in order to maximise your business or your team’s performance – it starts with you.



If you lead in a way that enables your staff to be completely engaged and motivated with what they are doing, they will go the extra mile for you and your customers.

Power Of Love Leadership

Discover the Power of Love Leadership® and let it show you a more successful way to lead.

Embrace the love-based strategies to deliver increased engagement, creativity and performance.