“The work with Sarah has been life changing. We now have a senior strategic team which is working much more effectively, and it is critical to the future of our business. The work with Sarah has brought focus and alignment to the way our key strategic leaders work. She has a great knack of getting to the heart of the issue and asking the right questions and posing the right challenges. She is personable, entirely trustworthy, respects confidentialities and is not afraid to be frank when the need arises. She has regularly mentored senior members of the team, helping them to develop skills, improve their interaction with other leaders, manage stress and better define career aspirations.”

Chris White

Former CEO

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“The impact of Sarah’s work with our Senior Leadership Team has been immense – her careful coaching and insights in conjunction with the tools and frameworks she has provided to us have contributed to a culture shift culminating in a unified team who can challenge one another constructively and compassionately, bringing out the best in each other and better results for the business, without fear of hurt feelings or demotivation.”

Carolyn Thornley Yates

Head of Business Development

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“Sarah has been a fantastic support for me, and I have appreciated the tips and tools she has
provided. Understanding myself, strengths and weaknesses has been paramount and has
most certainly helped to maximise my performance as a leader.

Aarti Raj


Pick Everard

“In the construction industry, women often feel like they need to prove themselves more than their male peers, and often undervalue themselves. It goes without saying that a year ago I didn’t feel like I deserved to be where I am in my career. Aware of my perceptions about myself, my employer recommended some corporate coaching sessions with Sarah Higgins. Only three sessions in and I can say that Sarah has evoked my confidence and self-belief, and I feel like a new person in the workplace.

I have learnt so much about myself through Sarah’s sessions. The psychometric analysis was a really valuable exercise which enabled me to see myself from an outsider’s view, so I can change and enhance certain behaviours for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah’s sessions to anyone about to make that next leap into a leadership role, or even for those already in that position, as they can learn how to be a better leader through Sarah’s personable and friendly coaching techniques.”

Natalie Clemson


Pick Everard

“I have gained a great deal from working with Sarah. As a result of working with Sarah I have seen tangible benefits in the development of my leadership skills and the culture and performance of my team. Sarah adds real-world context to metrics and behavioural models which enhances their value to the organisation and gives a real sense of purpose – this has been extremely effective in developing our senior team. Overall, I am certain that my own development in the last few years has been significantly enhanced by having worked with Sarah and I fully recommend her work.”

Chris Reid

Head of Finance

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“The one to one and team sessions have been invaluable. Sarah uses Hogan assessments, which are understandable and easily applied when looking at leadership development. I highly recommend Sarah and I credit our discussions with developing my way of working and changing my mindset when approaching issues.”

Becky Griffin

Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“I have engaged with Sarah both as my personal coach, for the provision of coaching to other team members and to facilitate our wider business needs in ensuring that the team work more effectively together. What I really appreciate about Sarah is her ability to really listen to our needs both individually and strategically as a business to ensure that her coaching / facilitation is aligned.

Leanne Bonner Cooker


MD of Ebate

“Looking back, deciding to work with Sarah Higgins as our Corporate Coach, was one of the
best decisions I’ve made as a leader as it has positively impacted our business success. Sarah
has worked with me and my teams to develop our leadership behaviours and our culture, to
improve focus, clarity of performance expectations, engagement, teamwork and
communication. There are numerous more benefits of Sarah’s coaching, the biggest change
Sarah has made that I am so proud of, is changing the company from being very driven and
led by myself as a single voice, into a company that has a clear vision with a much stronger
voice than just mine. Her results are quite extraordinary, as Sarah’s approach is delicate, but,
she achieves massive results and does this through amazing engagement.”

Nickie Brown

Managing Director


“I was introduced to Sarah following a return from my sabbatical and at a time when it was apparent that change among our leadership team would be beneficial. Engaging a coach is always an anxiety-provoking move (at least for me) – it is that risk of bringing in a new force for change into often what is one of the most important areas in your working life. Sarah worked over several months with me and my senior team, both as a group, and individually. Her authenticity, expertise, and many years’ experience were life-changing for both our organisation and for us as individuals. We will continue to be working with Sarah as we, and our organisation grow. In fact, I can’t imagine asking anyone else. Working with Sarah is like welcoming a member of the family back in, but one who has your very best interests at heart and who isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions and push you to be the best you can be personally, and for your organisation.”

Dr Ava Easton

Chief Executive

Encephalitis Society

“Sarah has made a tangible positive impact upon how we work as a Senior Leadership Team. Her support has benefited of our people, our members, and the bottom line. Sarah utilises a
variety of specialist tools alongside personal examples drawn from her own experience to draw ideas and answers out, and her style promotes an open and trusted environment within which all are comfortable contributing. I would highly recommend Sarah Higgins to any Organisation or Senior Leader looking for coaching/leadership support”

Dean Waddingham

Customer Services Director

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

“The experience of working with Sarah Higgins as my coach has been invaluable. Sarah is always friendly and approachable; she listens and gains a good understanding of areas that I would like to discuss and always provides considered and very useful advice and guidance to assist my development. I have been able to demonstrate in my performance appraisals the career development I have made in my role as a Director, as a result of having commenced coaching with Sarah immediately after being appointed to this role.”

Rachel Cheetham

Director, Contaminated Land

BWB Consulting

“What I like about Sarah’s coaching is that she commits to you. She truly cares about your
success, and continuously goes above and beyond to ensure that you see noticeable change
in behaviour and subsequent impact in your organisation. She motivates and inspires you. I
am grateful for her candour and constructive challenge, and her ability to help me determine my priorities and create order amongst the chaos. Sarah’s coaching has been an invaluable and transforming experience, which has led to a great amount of personal learning in terms of understanding myself, and how to actively make changes in a sustainable manner. Her in-depth knowledge of her field has led to marked changes in my professional brand, contributing to the advancement of my career.”

Samantha Johnson

Senior Principal


“Sarah is an incredible person and has made a massive difference to my working life, I am thankful for the day we were introduced. I have experienced Senior Team workshops alongside individual coaching sessions, both of which have given me real insights into myself, my colleagues and given me tools to better navigate challenges and opportunities. My confidence and skills as a leader have developed in a relatively short time. I only wish that coaching wasn’t so often seen as such a luxury in our working lives but as a real opportunity to make positive outcomes for organisations. Sarah is kind and thoughtful, but also challenges your perceptions and approaches, a real skill that comes from her expertise and her development of the Power of Love Leadership model. I could not recommend her highly enough to others.”

Phillippa Chapman

Director of Services

Encephalitis Society

“I am very pleased to recommend Sarah for Executive Team development. She facilitated a 12-month Executive Development Programme for our Leadership Team, which included 121 coaching sessions with Sarah. We have had extremely positive results in forming a more cohesive team, better decision making and an ability to transform organisational culture together to achieve more ambitious plans, results and celebration of success.”

Tina Swani

Former Chief Executive

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

“Sarah has been with me every step of the way on my personal and leadership journey. She’s
listened deeply and challenged me to succeed in the goals that I have set myself. She’s
enabled me to see new perspectives, understand myself and others more and supported me to positively adapt my behaviour.”

Elizabeth Hardwick Smith

HR Director

Pick Everard

“Sarah is a fantastic coach. I first met her when she delivered a webinar on leadership. I was so intrigued I followed up for personal coaching, and in particular exploring the Power of Love Leadership model (you must get the book!). Sarah really knows her stuff, she takes the time to listen and has total empathy. She is really easy to get on with and leaves you wanting to learn more. She has contributed enormously to my professional career and to my personal wellbeing and for that I am very grateful. Nothing phases Sarah and she works with you to ensure you truly do deliver results and become a more effective leader. I would heartily recommend Sarah”.

Beth Bearder

Senior Associate – Employment Law/HR


“I worked with Sarah for over 5 years and throughout it all, she was fully engaged and supportive. She is one of the easiest people to deal with that I have come across, however, she is about as far from an easy touch as it is possible to get. She has caused me to address various behaviours that were holding me back and making working relationships more difficult than they needed to be. She has made me re-assess my interactions with difficult, occasionally hostile people. Understanding (without excusing) their behaviour has enabled me to manage my relationships with them in a far more productive manner. She simply
refuses to let me get away with ways of thinking or behaving that are unproductive. The benefits have been tangible and transformational as further opportunities in my career present themselves. I am happy to endorse her wholeheartedly.

Andrew Payton

Finance Director

Loughborough Building Society

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Sarah. She is an exceptional, very knowledgeable, detailed and dynamic coach and leadership consultant. She has been truly inspirational and very helpful in my journey of self-discovery and mastery. I found her coaching style to be direct, honest, challenging and engaging. I came away each time wanting and feeling motivated to excel. Sarah has got a natural ability to bring out the best leader in anyone and it was a real pleasure and blessing to work with her!”

Ashiedu Joel

Non-Executive Director: